Baohua Zhang – Master of BIT

Personal information:

Name: Baohua Zhang

Address: Beijing Institute of Technology, Haidian District, Beijing , 100081.

Sex: male  Nationality: China   Date of birth : 15 March 1996

Master of BIT , Member of the NLPIR Big Data Search and Mining Lab.




Seq.2014 – Jul.2018 : Beijing Institute of Technology , bachelor

Seq.2018 – now : Beijing Institute of Technology , Master

Computer skills:

C / C++ / Python

Main research :

Project: Internet industry data acquisition and analysis technology research , do data crawl data analysis for real estate.


1. A paper for automatic evaluation of personal values by collecting data from social media.

2. A paper for QA system using curriculum learning

Competences and qualities:

English: level of CET 6

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