Jiahao Cai – Master of BIT

Personal information:

Name: Jiahao Cai

Address: Beijing Institute of Technology, Haidian District, Beijing , 100081.

Sex: male  

Nationality: China  

Date of birth : 10th February 1998

Master of BIT , Member of the NLPIR Big Data Search and Mining Lab.


Email: 492795090@qq.com


Sep.2016 – Jul.2020 : the Communication University of China, Bachelor

Sep.2020 – now : Beijing Institute of Technology, Master

Computer skills:

Java / Python

Main research :

Project: Medical insurance supervision system development, responsible for system development and implementation.


1. Jiahao Cai, Xin Feng, Han Jiang, Minyong Shi, Node Influence Calculation of Novel Social Networks. 19th IEEE/ACIS International Conferenceon Computer and Information Science, ICIS 2019.

Competences and qualities:

English: level of CET 6

The 10th Blue Bridge Cup Beijing competition area Java programming university group a second prize

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