NLPIR SEMINAR Y2019#35 – NLPIR自然语言处理与信息检索共享平台

自然语言处理与信息检索共享平台 自然语言处理与信息检索共享平台



In the new semester, our Lab, Web Search Mining and Security Lab, plans to hold an academic seminar every Monday, and each time a keynote speaker will share understanding of papers on his/her related research with you.


Tomorrow’s seminar is organized as follows:

  1. The seminar time is, Mon (November 4, 2019), at Zhongguancun Technology Park ,Building 5, 1306.
  2. Nihad is going to give a presentation on the paper, A Memory-Network Based Solution for Multivariate Time-Series Forecasting. (AAAI 2019)
  3. Qinghong Jiang will give a lecture about a review paper..
  4. The seminar will be hosted by Ziyu Liu.

Everyone interested in this topic is welcomed to join us.

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